Always know your baby is breathing.

PulseSocks provides peace of mind to any worried parent by monitoring key vital signs of their infant and transmitting this data over a home network and to any smartphone with the PulseSocks mobile application installed.

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Peace of Mind

Know your baby is ok even when you aren't in the same house. With PulseSocks, parents & caregivers will have a continuous way to keep an eye on sleeping baby


Simply knowing your baby's heart rate and breathing values is not enough. With custom alerts, parents & caregivers are automatically notified on the included handheld & through their smartphone should their baby experience any alteration in these values which is our of normal range.


Pulse Oximeter sensors sewn into the lining of a soft band, non-invasively monitor the infant from its foot and wirelessly transmit the data to a base station nearby. This is then relayed to a smartphone & included handheld device.

A Team You Can Trust

Our team is dedicated to providing you a sage and reliable baby monitor. Our engineers are held to the highest standards in safety and regulation.

PulseSocks provides the peace of mind you need as a parent.